As a holiday cottage owner it really matters to me that my guests enjoy their stay.

My golden rule is – always make personal contact with your guests before they arrive, either by text, mobile or e-mail.  Following this contact, my guests know I am thinking of them, I am considering their needs before they arrive, basically that I care.

This contact is usually an e-mail detailing some useful information about the holiday cottage, for example we have a supermarket within 2 minutes walk from the cottage etc

This e-mail also contains negative points – the low beam on the stairs, the Saniflow loo upstairs and the fact that the outside garden has access by one other neighbour.  In other words I am identifying potential problems and explaining them to my guests before they arrive which usually eliminates any problems.

Eg.   low beams on stairs (part of its Tudor charm)
Saniflow loo – works perfectly well but please no wet wipes etc
Neighbour walking by – introducing our friendly neighbour James – great contact for local information

A complimentary review really helps bookings, so you need to encourage guests to write a comment. My suggestion is to have a guests ‘comments book’ at the cottage, where hopefully guests will write a complimentary review.  Take a photo of this review and update onto your holiday cottage website.