I absolutely love cleaning my cottage, for me it’s like playing house.

The first thing I always do upon entering the cottage is to see if my departing guests have written in my ‘holiday cottage comments book’.  It gives me so much pleasure to read ( fingers crossed ) happy comments as it’s really important to me guests enjoy their stay.

Guests usually leave the cottage looking tidy, but regardless of how clean it may seem, I  always do a thorough clean myself, particularly after Covid !

So, here’s my cleaning routine which I do every time, it goes as follows:

Open windows and back door to the garden
Collect rubbish from the outside bin, replace with fresh bin liner
Place the rubbish bin in the entry cottage doorway
Strip bed of linen and place linen in bag for the launderette, put in car out of the way.
Get the first towel wash on
Make up the bed with fresh linen
Clear bathroom products (toiletries/candles/soap dispenser/shampoos etc) onto landing and spray bathroom units with cleaning product.
Vacuum bedroom carpets
Polish bedroom furniture
Wipe dust from window shutters
Clean bathroom, replacing bathroom products from landing
Replace old tea lights with new tea lights
Replace toiletry bin bag with fresh plastic bag
Re-stock with new loo rolls
Hang fresh bath towels
Clean bathroom floor
Vacuum landing and stairs
Polish living room furniture
Vacuum living room carpet
Put on next towel wash including tea towels
Clean downstairs bathroom and replace hand towel
Stock new loo rolls
Clean down kitchen surfaces
Wash all cutlery/plates etc and dry
Replace old washing cloth with new
Check tea bags/coffee/sugar/kitchen towel stock
Clean inside the fridge
Replace clean tea towels
Put milk and a welcoming bottle of Prosecco in the fridge
Double check that the kitchen sink is clean
Check that the cooker is clean
Put new black bin bag in kitchen bin
Brush down the outside patio
Check the garden over for weeds
Empty and clean the fire grate and replace with new fire lighter brick and kindling
Check matches etc
Close windows
Empty and collect washed towels
Clean kitchen floor
Slowly walk around the cottage double checking everything is in order
Clean all high contact surfaces, light switches, TV remote etc with sanitiser including front door knob and entry key box.

Depart – Total clean usually takes me around 2 – 2 1/2 hours ( my happy time) 😊