When I first decorated my holiday cottage I (rather stupidly) chose a light cream coloured carpet – what was I thinking!

As a dog owner myself I know how hard it is to find a beautifully furnished holiday cottage where my dog is also welcome and yes, when holidaying in the uk, I do like to bring my dog with me.

Now, when accepting a booking that also involves a dog there will be a risk attached, muddy paws on the carpet, dog hair on the sofa and these are the easy problems. But by not allowing dogs this will mean that you miss out on a very large and lucrative market, also, for the most part, dog owners are very responsible – usually!

With such beautiful countryside right on my doorstep and a small enclosed garden, accepting one small dog was, for me anyway, a ‘no brainier’, so what I do is always provide a blanket throw for the sofa and a doggie towel for muddy paws. I also mention in my holiday cottage handover book, the nearest ‘pee’ spot  and that I have carpet cleaner kept in the cupboard under the sink, just in case.

Oh yes …… I have also laid rugs down on the living room cream carpet!